Hazwoper Training

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What is my responsibility regarding my employees?

In March of 1990, OSHA’s final rule 29 CFR 1910.120, governing hazardous waste operations and emergency response, became effective.  This has commonly become known as “HAZWOPER”.

Under the HAZWOPER standard, any employee who might be called on to respond, or who has the potential to respond, to an emergency needs training.  Just how much training depends on what the employee is expected to do?  In Section Q of the standard, OSHA has divided the training requirements into five separate levels that are linked to the specific duties of individual employees.

For example, the first training level addresses the simplest observe-and-report function that employees may be expected to fulfill.  Ultimately, training progresses toward the more complex duties of stopping the spill, cleaning it up, and disposing of the hazardous waste.

Five Training Levels are outlined in the regulation. For certain Industries we have customized a program to meet their specific needs only. In doing so, the following areas of training are covered: Awareness Level - Observe and report & First Responder Operations Level - Containing a leak or spill. It includes testing and certification of completion.


Our HAZWOPER training is $175 per person for existing clients of ours. For attendees that are not an existing client, the cost of training is $200 per person.

Training location:
Hampton Inn
600 New State Highway
Raynham, MA 02767

Please bring the following material to HAZWOPER training:

  • 2020 Emergency Response Guide Book (ERG)
  • Your company's Contingency and Emergency Action plans.

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