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Full services at affordable prices

We design personalized services to meet the needs of your company to keep you safe and in compliance.

SAFETY IS OUR MISSION! We assist our clients in achieving their regulatory compliance requirements in an expedient and affordable manner. And in doing so, we provide a custom service unlike any other.
  • OSHA & STATE DEPARTMENT OF LABOR RELATED SERVICES TRAININGS - Industry Specific Training, Chemical Hazard Exposure, Right-to-Know (RTK), Hazard Communication, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), HAZWOPER, Forklift Safety, Inspections, Hazardous Materials Inventories, Lockout/Tagout, Bloodborne Pathogens, Respirator, Confined Space Entry, Process Safety Management, 
  • ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES / RESPONSIBILITY CONSULTING - Filing with State and Federal agencies, Permits, Stormwater Pollution Protection Plans, RCRA Training
  • DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION (DOT) RELATED SERVICES AND TRAININGS- Hazardous Materials, Defensive Driving, Performance Packaging, Safety Review/Audits
  • HOISTING TRAININGS (MASSACHUSETTS) - Class 1B Crane Telescoping Booms for General and Marine, Class 1C Hoisting including Forklists, Class 2A-2D Excavating, Class 3A Overhead Crane Travelift, Continuing Education Credits
  • ONLINE TRAINING (NEW EMPLOYEE) - Automotive Right-to-Know, Body Shop Right-to-Know, Marine Right-to-Know, General Industry Right-to-Know, Customized and company specific Right-to-Know options
  • CUSTOMIZED WRITTEN PROCEDURES AND PLANS - Contingency/Emergency Action, Fire Prevention, Respiratory Protection, Fall Prevention, Forklift Safety, Lockout/Tagout, Confined Space, Drug & Alcohol, Hotworks, Spill Prevention Control & Counter Measure, Stormwatwer Pollution Prevention
  • COMMUNICATION AND COMPLIANCE ASSISTANCE PACKAGES - These are specialized packages and services designed to meet the unique needs of your company and facility - to keep you safe and in compliance
  • TRAIN-THE-TRAINER ON-SITE PROGRAMS - These trainings are held on-site at your facility to train and instruct your responsible employees as Safety Trainers

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